Best Android Emulators 2018 – Windows / Mac OS

Best Android Emulators 2018 – Windows / Mac OS
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When it comes use Android OS on you Windows PC or Mac, you need to download & install Android Emulators on your system. You can take a look list below & choose any app with its unique functions. Every emulator have their own features and functions to execute the commands instructed by the user.

Android emulators/simulators are mostly required to operate Android programs & games on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10). But, deciding on the right Android emulator might turn into an overwhelming task, like not chosen properly they could definitely slow down your Gaming Machine. (e.g Motherboard) . So, here we provide you with the top 8 Android emulators to your PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 that you may utilize to conduct android on calculating.

1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is our favourite Android emulator to perform Android games on PC / Display (Windows 10 & 7), or even to test new Android programs because of its speed.

  • Nox App Player is quickly & plus provides plenty of qualities such as
  • One-click root hide/unhide (disable or allow origin)
    Ability to define the CPU Processor & Ram size! Which is very good for players & app-testers to test resource use.
  • Besides, these Nox even offers Keyboard mapping for signature input. Therefore, you can define the regions where the signature is to be mimicked, on pressing a keyboard key! (Marvelous thing for players)
  • Plus, it has an inbuilt GPS controller setting, by which you may play GPS mandatory games like Pokemon Proceed directly within Nox App Player.

nox app player emulator download

It comes with a whole lot of features, therefore it is possible that some might find the UI to be somewhat unbelievable in the beginning. However, as you spend time with it, you’re assured to fall in love with the UI.

In the arrangements, you can modify the number of CPU cores, FPS or the quantity of RAM you’d like to dedicate to Nox. If you have compatibility issues with a few games, then you can change between two picture rendering styles: DirectX or OpenGL.

It includes inbuilt service for Google Play Store and you can simply drag and drop APK files into the Nox participant to put in them. There is a “model touch” performance that’s only another name for computer keyboard mapping and it assists you in playing matches. The “script listing” performance lets you capture certain events on display and play them later.

It can be individually helpful once you want to automate a procedure on Android, which would differently be quite tedious to execute manually.

To surprise you moreover, it includes a rooted version of Android :D. The multiplayer feature lets several instances of Android plays.

nox emulator download 2018

As you can see, Nox participant is an incredibly feature-rich Android emulator that’s with only an old version of Android.

2. MEmu

MEmu is a high-performance Android emulator for Windows which runs on Android Lollipop Operating System. Regrettably, it comes preinstalled with Android Jellybean 4.2 and upgrading to Lollipop necessitates downloading additional packages. It is compatible with Intel, Nvidia powered Windows PC & Laptops, unlike Remix OS Player, it’s also cooperative with AMD chipsets.

memu android emulator latest download

The first time you runs it, you are greeted with an old-fashioned 4-year Old Android variant, with the main menu located at the sidebar. It comes with all the Google Play Store so that you are able to navigate and download Android apps and games to your heart’s content.

Interestingly, MEmu associates with APK files on Windows, which means that you may just start the APK files from anywhere and it will automatically open and run in MEmu Android Emulator.

Moreover, if you happen to find new trendy Android programs, you’ll have MEmu push the program right away to your phone through the USB cable.

It supports keyboard mapping, so you can assign Definite keys to mimic touch in specific areas of the screen. Aside from this, it supports full-screen style, screenshot tool, a useful “kill process” tool, screen recording, amongst a lot of different skills. Also, it features an interesting “performance record” instrument, which means you can record certain touch-screen activities and replay it thus automating tasks on-the-fly.

memu android emulator install

We really like the accurate pointer and keyboard integration in MEmu. Perhaps only con about it is that it ships with a really old version of Android. You can upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but that is still At 2-years old. If you can compromise about the amazing qualities that Android Nougat brings the best performance in this segment, MEmu is among the most capable Android emulators in the market.

3. Bluestacks

BlueStacks is the most extensively adopted Android emulator or Android App Player for Windows. It used to be free but now is only in Special Areas.

bluestacks android emulator for windows download


Key Points About Bluestacks Android Emulator :-

  • Simple 1-click setup on the Windows Machine (Split-online installer in addition to the offline installer is possible).
  • Easily set up 3rd party apk files or Android apps solely by double-clicking the apk files.
  • Neither other-3rd party graphics or UI required (VirtualBox isn’t required).

BlueStacks Relies on Android 4.4 KitKat OS and has Been among the early pioneers of the whole “Android on PC” concept. But recently, BlueStacks has become a lot bloated and the opposition has quickly caught up with it.

It is still a very intelligent Android Emulator and We strongly feel that this list would’ve have been unfinished without considering BlueStacks.

top android apps on bluestacks

It Adds the Google Play Store pre-installed, That grants you access to more than 2 million Android apps and games. Installing APKs is fairly simple too. It comes with a couple of pieces that none of its rivals offers.

The 1st one is the capability to live-stream on any platform, which means you can show-off you game playing skills to your followers.

2nd one is you may live-stream to Facebook Live using BlueStacks TV. Beside from this, it supports multitasking, much like a real Android smartphone.

The free version is pervading with ads and always bothers you to Install sponsored apps. So, you can get the premium version, which Brings an experience and preference assistance.

4. Andy OS / AndyRoid

AndyRoid is one of the best Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 . It supports several unique features which don’t hold by another android emulators out there.

andy android emulator download

Key Functions :-

  • Using your phone as remote controller whilst playing games!
  • ARM support, you’re able to straight install programs in your andy emulator through your desktop.
  • Since Andy depends on VirtualBox, It does not require any committed Graphics card to function smoothly and works well even on Intel HD Graphics.

Andyroid is very similar and may be classified as an innovative Alternative to Genymotion as both of these require VirtualBox to be installed on the system.

The most recent variant seems to have a keylogger or something that is shady. We have provided the version’s link.

If You Would like to conduct Andyroid Emulator on A PC, then Android program emulator program helps to run Android apps and Games on Windows PC.

Here we providing the information about how to download offline installer of Andyriod or how to install it without the Internet.

Andy or Andyroid Emulator as it is recognized is widely understood, is just one of The quickest and speedy Android emulators for PC. With the majority of the Android Emulators choosing for the high-end players or PC users with dedicated graphics cards, Andy still guarantees support for the lower specs PCs and Laptops and runs quickly on almost any Windows machinery i.e. PCs and Laptops.

Using Oracle Virtual Box Virtual Machine, AndyRoid Installs an Android Operating System on Windows. So all Android programs can be easily performed as you are playing on your own Smartphone.

It supports several unique features which don’t support any other android emulators. This android app emulator comes with easy installation to the consumers.

install andy android emulator on pc

You will get an offline installer if you download through official Website of Andyroid. Sometimes the online installer generates many issues for you than solutions. The Andyroid can’t be set up if your Computer doesn’t have an active Internet connection.

For you the most recent complete version of Andyroid android program emulator is available. You can download version offline installer for Windows PC.

5. Remix OS Player

As most of us know quite well that Android is the most modular and adaptative Operating Systems which exist. Since it runs on smartphones, but it may also be utilised in Raspberry and even on a standard PC or Notebook. Remix OS Player, the free program which may be used to get and operate Android programs and games on your PC without installing another OS.

remix android emulator download

We have reviewed Remix OS previously, which is an operating system dependent on the Android x86 undertaking. Even though you may set up Remix OS on your Windows or Mac, there is a much easier way to encounter Remix OS without going through the bother of installing it manually. Remix OS Player is a free Android emulator for Windows based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Before installing Remix OS Player, please be aware that it does not encourage some AMD chipsets and needs “Virtualisation Technology” enabled on your BIOS.

remix android emulator bios update

To utilize this program, it Has to Be conducted on a virtual server or to be Set up as a secondary or primary system. To prevent these processes that were not necessarily available to the ordinary consumer, the JIDE launched Remix OS Player, a brand new product which will ease the lives of everybody.

The Remix OS Player runs Android directly. This emulator doesn’t require any progress installation and also to utilize this user just wants to download the program and just open it. Yes, even the Remix OS Player may be set up just like an application on a present operating system.

One of The highlights of this Remix OS Player is that using all the Remix OS Gaming Keyboards is optimized to have the ability to play with all sorts of games through PC, and permits you to play many games at the same time.

So, All these must begin using the new Remix OS Player and within only a couple of minutes you’ll have Android 6.0 running on your Windows computer, even you might also install programs straight in the Play Store. But now, the Remix OS Player isn’t compatible with AMD chips.

download apps on remix android os

But, To utilize Remix OS Player you don’ have to possess any knowledge of innovative Installation steps, since the setup is as straightforward as to set up any Applications in your pc and after that, it is readily utilized, thus, now Anybody may have an Android 6.0 running on Windows. You Can Go to Jide’s Official site for the links.


There are a growing number of policies to test out Android applications on your Windows desktop computer or notebook. However, of the several methods I have sampled, none coupled complete accessibility to Android’s fundamental functions with ease-of-access very like American Megatrends’ AMIDuOS.

amiduos android emulator download

AMIDuOS is software. It allows you to run Android Apps on the Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 platforms. This program has brought many users from yesteryear. It is. With this software, it is easy to run Android programs on almost any Windows devices. As a result of this, you can readily change between Android and Windows environment with no boot.

This program provides virtually every characteristic of the famed system of Android and its most recent version. It is a true speedy and it was quite smooth and crispy appearances. AMIDuOS gets the compatibility of the majority of the APK files within the App Markets.

Also, it’s Amazon Appstore built in. Additionally, if you aren’t pleased with this shop it is simple to set up your favourite Appstore.

And, it is compatible with ARM v7 so that you may easily conduct ARM supported programs too. AMIDuOS can conduct the most graphically detailed games and programs on the Windows.

Overall this program gives nearly the native Android encounter on Microsoft Windows and you’re able to conduct all of the APK apps/games on your PC or Notebook.

latest amiduos android emulator


Unlike a program such as Bluestacks, Which is about obtaining specific app performance on the desktop computer, AMIDuOS is a whole virtual device of (largely) inventory Android, Recreating the port and expertise of a complete Android tablet. Together with a comparable Windows tablet computer, running AMIDuOS can More or less replicate the appearance and texture of a complete Android tablet, Including internet accessibility and discretionary Google programs such as the Play Store. It is a far better way to Try Android on high powered hardware, Though Bluestacks does manage individual programs more cohesively onto a Windows desktop.

7. LeapDroid

LeapDroid is a powerful Android emulator Which was Obtained by Google Last year and finally shut-down (you can still download it from different sources). But regardless of the discontinuation, LeapDroid still succeeds to be among the strongest Android emulators around.

leapdroid android emulator download for pc

It’s based on Android 4.4 KitKat and begins with of the AOSP apps like browser, music, camera, etc.. The house display produces shortcuts to download favourite sports titles such as Clash of Clans and Pokémon GO.

But that is not at all. It includes full support for Google Play Store, which means that you may acquire Android apps and games up and running in no time.

You might also directly install APKs on the PC if you prefer. Other Than that, it includes full-screen mode support, a screenshot feature and the choice to choose graphics rendering style among OpenGL or DirectX.

Moreover, it supports keyboard mapping, which means you can play games conveniently with keyboard shortcuts rather than having to play around with your mouse pointer. Besides, you can also initiate gesture details and simulate pinch-zoom with the scroll wheel of your mouse.

Like other Android emulators, also the necessary use of LeapDroid is to command The harmonious APK files on the Windows PC device and allow the program’s setup to configure into the computer system. This most important purpose is accompanied with several attributes that distinguish the LeapDroid Android Emulator in others.

how to download leapdroid android emulator

In this section of the Guide, We’ll provide you with the listing of Amazing attributes of the LeapDroid Emulator for your PC apparatus. Here’s the listing for your consideration;

  • The Android emulator has an Open Graphics Library support for your Windows PC device.
  • Ease of installing and downloading through the program stored in the LeapDroid application. It works as the Google Play Store on your PC device.
  • For input purposes, the hardware ports of this mouse and keyboard come to use for any kind of function. From navigation to enjoy the game on your computer through the LeapDroid emulator.
  • Also, the loading time of this LeapDroid Android emulator is much faster than every other Android emulator in the marketplace. It allows faster loading and archiving of programs and the games.
  • The visuals can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. As an example, for your Clash Of Clans match, the user can zoom in to observe the progression of the city and also can zoom out to see the general town and warfare procedures.
  • It supports x86 and ARM software.
  • The user interface is both easy and compatibility with games and apps is almost 99% with newest Android files.
  • And, the users may have multiple accounts to play the games or use app services.

So, with so many features aboard, You Cannot deny that LeapDroid is one of the best and one of a kind Android emulators in the marketplace. We know that many of you’ll be excited to get the program on your Windows PC devices, so we will get to the point when possible.

8. Genymotion

This guide developed for Download of Genymotion Android Emulator is for Windows 64/32 bit powered operating systems.

Genymotion android emulator download

Genymotion is the fastest Android emulator that takes little if any opportunity to load the digital Android machinery.

Genymotion has emerged as a great alternative to Android Studio’s default emulator. It is meant to be for development purposes but of course, you can use it for private use, too. Prior to downloading it, be sure that you’ve enabled the “virtualization technology” in your BIOS and you’ve got the newest version of VirtualBox installed. Also, before you may begin utilizing it, you’ll need to register for an account.

One great benefit of using Genymotion is the fact that it literally lets you select any Android phone to simulate and select to set up any Android version from Android 4.4 KitKat into Android 7.0 Nougat.

The free version includes support for setting GPS coordinates, battery level, and camera. The superior version unlocks lots of new features like screencasting and remote controlling of Genymotion employing a genuine phone. It’s plugins for Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and Eclipse to assist developers to test their programs directly within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It does not include all the Google Play Store by default, but with a bit of installation, you’ll have it by manually installing GApps.

Genymotion additionally supplies a cloud-based online emulator which you may try directly within your browser, even though you would have to contact them and request for a private access.

Genymotion Android Emulator is an application which may be employed by the Android programmers in order to test unique programs as it provides the virtual environment that is needed for testing and creating Android applications. Genymotion will offer full attributes which will simplify the process of Android development with advanced 3D functionality. The program runs.

Genymotion Android Emulator provides support to nearly all the Devices available on the market. This allows you to examine your program on several handsets. With this, you can check out compatibility of the program on different devices. Genymotion Android Emulator has a very straightforward interface. Every device can be easily downloaded and put on the Genymotion Cloud can easily be incorporated into the emulator. Andy Android Emulator is another fantastic alternative for these capabilities.

Latest Genymotion Android Emulator Download

Aside from this, you can also download the distinct application for Your apparatus from you and Play Store can modify the settings of their Android devices. It is possible to place unique widgets and programs on the desktop. From the user-friendly interface, you can control simulated sensors like GPS, Accelerometer and Battery.

On a notice, we could say that Genymotion Android Emulator Is a really powerful Emulation utility that features advanced 3D performance and permits you to control an Android device attached to it.

Features of Genymotion Android Emulator :-

Below are some features which you’ll encounter after Genymotion Android Emulator free download.

  • Can test different Android applications.
  • Offers virtual environment for testing Android programs.
  • Relies on OpenGL technology.
  • Provides full support to all most important Android apparatus.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Can modify the setting of your own Android apparatus.
  • Can restrain simulated sensors.
  • Characteristics of advanced 3D functionality.


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