✅ Terrarium TV APK App Download 2018 – Android / iOS

✅ Terrarium TV APK App Download 2018 – Android / iOS
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If you’re a movie tank and enjoys binge-watching, you’ve got an impressive app your sleeves up The Terrarium TV. It is arguably the best thing for film buffs on the internet right now! And, it’s been outstandingly done that you’ll love every single second of it. The best part is that the app has not stopped growing ever since it was introduced to the global scene. The developer is continually working on it to add more attributes, expand its capacities and clear bugs up the time to time.

Terrarium TV APK Download is a great innovation, and among the top-of-the-line choices for watching 1080p HD movies, music, TV shows, documentaries and much more, at no cost. It’s very user-friendly, rather simple to navigate and contains one incredibly intriguing library, which is constantly updated to deliver the latest movies and TV shows straight to your sofa. What’s amazing about Terrarium TV app’s download is its quality quotient. It scours a hundred of websites to get different HD links of different seeing quality for you to pick from.

terrarium tv apk download

The most typical problem with streaming channels nowadays is the vital limitations on watching content and the massive price comes with the subscription. However, another course is taken by the encounter with Terrarium TV. There are no limits on the material it is possible to watch. You are definitely diving in the sea of entertainment with this movie. Once you’ve installed the program, all you’ve got is an unfettered source of movies and TV shows you enjoy, and that also, for no subscription price in any way. Absolutely free. That makes Terrarium TV App 2018 an easy-on-the-pocket option with no monthly charges and all that fun. You can find a wonderful set at one location. Pretty much reasonable, Ah?

App NameTerrarium TV
CategoryVideo streaming, Entertainment
PublisherNitroXenon (Peter Chan)
Official URLTerrarium TV
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Date PublishedToday
Current Version1.9.8
Previous Version1.9.6
Download File Size22.5 MB
Package Namecom.nitroxenon.terrarium
FeaturesStream HD TV Shows & Movies Online
Minimum RequirementAndroid 4.0+
File Size22.5 MB



Top Features

Download for Free: Terrarium TV is completely free. You can see a hell lot of content without exfoliating out any wealth.

Complete HD Content: It has the finest of 4k content using over 40 movies available in high-end resolution. Not only 4K, it is possible to witness HD (720) and complete HD (1080) content without any infirmities. This means the resolution isn’t a bar in any way. You can watch your favourite movies and TV shows in gleaming picture quality.

Faster Streaming: It’s very fast. The servers installed are exceptional enough to stream the material with no buffering delays or any potential lags.

Comprehensive Collection: As mentioned before, downloading Terrarium TV provides you with the broadest collection of films, TV shows, documentaries, videos and music, enough for all sorts of amusement cravings. It is possible to browse the library by categories like’Most Popular’,”Trending’ and top-rated’. With that, you can go by genres, for example, Adventure, Comedy and love. Not surprisingly, its enormous library is one of the reasons behind its fantastic score in the market.

Ready for Offline View: Offline viewing is also available. You may simply download the content, save it and watch it anytime later.

Multi-Language Subtitles: Simple access to subtitles makes Terrarium TV a choicest app for entertainment. If you are keen on researching films and TV shows in other languages, the program has a lot to offer.

Multi-Platform Service: The program includes the support for Android TV, Fire TV and Fire Stick. It also has native Chromecast support.

Add Favorites: You can mark your favourite films and TV shows as favourites. This is just one great feature if you’re unable to stream content as of now. Simply mark it as your’favourite’ and it will be available for streaming later. This feature saves a lot of time.

New Episode Notification: If you are watching a TV series, then you can set up episode notifications For every time a new incident arrives. This Can Help You track the TV Series better.

Step 3: Wait till the installation gets completed. Once it gets finished, accept the disclaimer and you can see the app in the main menu of your smartphone. Tap on the icon, fill in your login details and enjoy unlimited supply of entertainment for free.

Despite being such a content-rich app, Terrarium TV is not a heavy app at all. It weighs only 12.3 MB and is fit to run on Android 4.0 or higher.

Install Terrarium TV On Device

Momentarily that It is clear why it is a must-have app for nonstop entertainment, we have come out with a step-by-step guide to installing it on your Android device. Follow these directions to get your Terrarium program.

Step 1: As it is not available on Google Play Store and you want to have a reliable downloading link for any app you are willing to access, we have got you this link below to download newest version terrarium tv apk.

Step 2: Now, go to the’Settings’ tab on your device and allow ‘Unknown Sources’ tab to permit installation from third-party sources. After doing this, double tap on the APK file on your smartphone and click on’Install’ option on the bottom right of the screen.

install terrarium tv

Step 3: Wait until the setup gets finished. After it gets finished, read the disclaimer and you’ll be able to see the app on the main menu of your smartphone. Harness the icon, you don’t need to fill login information and revel in an unlimited supply of entertainment at no cost.

Despite Becoming such a content-rich app, Terrarium TV isn’t a heavy app at all. It weighs just 22.5 MB and can be fit to operate on Android 4.0 or higher.


Terrarium TV App is Really created for smartphones running android but it still may be Installed on various devices like iPhones and windows. Read the Whole article and get to know how to install the free movies app on your device. Forthwith, I will talk about the setup process for various Device one by one. Click the below links or scroll over till You find your device installation steps and get going.

Terrarium TV – Extra Features

Features Are Following

It’s a Lovely app and an addictive one at that. It creates no empty claims for being easy and versatile. It truly is. Just give it a go and keep yourself amused completely.

Content According On Net Speed: Besides free content, it lets you pick the size of the movie or tv series file size based on your internet speed. Since low internet means a whole lot of buffering issues and a good deal of interruptions, it finishes out these problems by letting you select the best type of size to watch in accordance with your internet speed and ensuring no bumps as you watch your favourite movie/TV show.

Support of Subtitles: It supports many subtitles (Basically app pulls subtitles from famous sites for subtitles like OpenSubtitels). You can easily choose the Subtitle language by visiting the Settings -> Pick Subtitles Language -> Tap on OK.

Mind You, the program doesn’t create subtitles by itself but resources them from different sources. If the subtitles do not sync with the movie, you want to check the server you have selected for viewing the movie. There are some media players, that have the option for syncing the video. Try looking for it in the media player you’re using.

Compatible with PC & Mac, Apart from Android: Terrarium TV is an Android-exclusive. Very much. But, you can have it In Mac and your Windows PC too. However, you need to download BlueStacks emulator initially to have this program on your computer or Mac.

download terrarium tv apk

Is Terrarium TV Great App In The Market?

Even though there are lots of unique apps that do exactly the exact same task as terrarium TV. The difference comes from the qualities which make it stand out from other people.

Let’s take a examine the motives which make terrarium tv among the greatest programs to watch films and other multimedia things. So regardless of what you want to view, while it’s TV shows, films or newest trailers. The Program has it all. It’s an entire bundle of items are a terrific way to kill time.

A Few of the features Which Make this program stand out are:

    • The program is completely free and does not have any hidden fees. There will not be any unnecessary pop-ups which will disturb you to register for this program there’s not any need to put in Kodi if you currently have the terrarium program.
    • Contrary to other programs which suffer from bad loading difficulties, Terrarium TV is a program that works like a charm. You won’t have some loading issues.
    • The latest feature has also added 4k picture, so today you’ll have the ability to play high definition 4k films.
    • There’s also a search operator that shall aid you in finding some movie, TV series or a specific movie which you would like to watch. Sorting simply got much simpler.
    • What’s even more intriguing is that the program also includes support for Google chromecast.
    • Users consistently like the staff supporting terrarium TV knows this fact that’s the reason why they’ve added lots of different genres such as activity, romantic, dream, exciting, adventure and terror.
    • Users get the attribute to indicate favourites. It’s so that you can anytime return and see that great films again and again.
    • In case you’re somebody who likes to find movies from many different languages but can not actually understand them. The program lets you’ve got subtitle service too.
    • It has a rather sexy user interface. It’s minimal and everyone can use it easily.


Latest Versions & History

Version 1.8.3

  • Added aspect ratio adjustment for built-in-video player

  • Auto switch to an alternate subtitles provider if the default one doesn’t work

  • Now there are added results limit for alluc (Default: 20)

  • Real debrid provider: TvRelease

  • Additional provider: FMovies

  • Additional Provider: CMovies

  • Added provider: GmoviesSC

  • Added support for MyFilm

  • Fixed existing providers

  • Disables broken providers

Version 1.8.5

  • Support for ExoPlayer has been discontinued

  • Yes player support has been added.

  • Real Debrid providers

  • The team has disabled broken providers

  • Chromecast issue fixed

  • Bugs and crashes are resolved

  • Translation updated

Version 1.8.6

  • Team has added many more google video links

  • Added even more CDN links

  • Fixed issues with existing providers

  • Fixed all the bugs and crashes

  • Got rid of the broken providers

Version 1.9.0

  • The team has gotten rid of broken providers

  • Fixed all the bugs and crashes

  • Added more google video links

  • Added more CDN-FastServer links

  • Apps also indicate which links work fast and which shall work slow

Version 1.9.2

  • More support for google video links

  • The team added more CDN-FastServer links

  • Added new HD provider

  • Fixed issue of providers

  • Fixed bugs and crashes

  • Added new URL resolvers

Version 1.9.3

  • Added more google video links

  • Better CDN+Fastserver links

  • Fixed the existing providers

  • Fixed chromecast subtitle support

  • Added subtitle support

Version 1.9.4

  • Addition of 4k links

  • Addition of more google video links

  • Fixed all the existing providers

  • Fixed the issue of no data that happened in older devices

  • Added HD providers and URL resolvers.

Terrarium TV APK 2018 – Frequently Asked Questions

Movies takes a lot time to open, It keeps loading on a Blank screen.

Ans. – We have rectified this issue and have uploaded the new version of APK. Try using it and Comment your result.

Is Terrarium TV available for IOS devices ?

​Ans. No. Terrarium Tv is now available only for Android devices, we are planing to develop one for iOS devices too in near future. Surely you can expect one soon.

Subtitles are not syncing with the movie, What to do?

Ans. – We don’t make subtitles, we just show you different resources from where you should select the subtitle according to the server you had chosen for watching the video. You can see many subtitles for a same video, try different subtitles to find the best one for your video. And additionally Video players like MX Player have a feature of syncing the subtitle, try them out too.

Watching movies on Terrarium Tv is Legal ?

​Ans. Your not going to face any legal problem if you watch or download movies from the app Itself. Developers might face legal problems for publishing the latest movies and Tv Series without permission. But there is no reason to worry, we’re here to take care all your problems.

How to contact the developer of this app ?

Ans. Developers are really accessible to everyone through the Facebook page of Terrarium TV. You can find the application page easily through the search feature of Facebook, and you can message the queries or comment on their latest posts. They are very responsive and reply to all the queries really quick.

Terrarium TV User Tips and Tricks

With the arrival of Terrarium TV version 1.6.3, there is quite a great deal your app is now capable of doing. Here are some cool tips and tricks to test out and see just how much better you are able to make your movie streaming experience.

  • New updatedmethod of favoriting movies and TV shows: The latest Terrarium TV 1.6.3 program has modified the way of favoriting movies. Many who used to tap the celebrity button to add the content to the favorite list assume the feature was removed since the star is no more on the upper bar. Nevertheless, you can still access favorites, and indeed add content to the list. Simply tap the menu button on the top right, in the pub. You need to see favoring as an option in exactly the identical menu.


  • Find out if a movie is worth you investing time watching:When you start a movie to its webpage on Terrarium TV, then you will find an IMDb icon on the top bar. Tap it and you’ll be taken straight to the movie’s webpage on the database. IMDb, if you don’t know, is a huge database of movies from all corners of the world, containing detailed information regarding the movie. But what it’s known for many is its rating method. The algorithm is famed to be somewhat accurate at calculating how gratifying the movie is going to be to audiences


  • Watch UHD movies using Terrarium TV program on your device:That’s right, Terrarium TV can now get you 4K movies too. As a lot of us have grudged Netflix for, we know 4K streaming may consume quite a bit on data while demanding a lightning quick internet connection. And that’s not necessarily possible to have. Luckily, since Terrarium TV also allows you to download movies, you can get your 4k movies downloaded while you are busy doing old stuff, and then watch them in all their detail when you’re liberated.

Get It Now

Terrarium TV was recently introduced with the programmer claiming that it will be a fierce competition to the Showbox app and it has all the tools to be.

It is a dream come true for a TV show fanatic & also a keen movie lover and with Blackberry allowing its users to access Android programs, BB users won’t miss out on this gem of a program.

It is easily installable & easy to access also. Thus it might soon turn into a happening among people.

So Finally, You can watch & enjoy Latest Terrarum TV APK Version on your loved devices & spend quality time with your friends & family!

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